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McArdle Study Day

We are organizing a FREE OF CHARGE McArdle Study Day (Belgrade - Serbia). SAVE THE DATE and join us! It will be held the 27th February 2016

Date: 27th February 2016 - Belgrade, Serbia

Symposium Venue: Clinic of Neurology and Psychiatry for children and youth, dr Subotic 6a, Belgrade

Price: Free

For registration, please contact: or

Accommodation information:



McArdle disease and other rare glycogen storage disorders: clinical phenotype, diagnosis and treatment

Dr Ros Quinlivan, London, UK



Exercise training in Glycogen Storage Disorders
  Dr Richard Godfrey
10:00h: The psychological aspects of McArdle disease
  Dr Jatin Pattni
10:30h: Diet and dietary supplements to aid exercise performance
  Dr Richard Godfrey
11:00h:  Walking with McArdle's - Experience from residential courses
  Mr Andrew Wakelin

Clinical trials in McArdle Disease


Dr Renata Scalco


EUROMAC Registry for rare Glycogen Storage Disorders


Dr Ramon Marti




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